Washington's Exploration Rig 4
The Foremost DR24 is designed for dual rotary drilling with long range mast. It can run R2 drillpipe and R3 casing. This rig comes with full BOP equipment and a drive up rig platform. Has drilled to 1200m at Ohai and has done a lot of geothermal and oil and gas work.




24" CSG
Air start
80,000lb Pullback
1 x F800 Triplex
Sub base – 2 piece, 2.5m high, 13.7 long
2x mud mixing hoppers
Workshop container 20ft
180 Kva Genset
Electrical compressor
Gas cutting set
6 Kva Genset welder
Hiab 2 tonne truck – R1 rods
Rod trailer – R2 rods
Toyota Landcruiser 4x4
Ford Courier 4x4
1400 litre fuel tanker
1150 x 350 Onboard compressor
900 x 350 Auxiliary compressor
Office container
Telehandler (forklift) 3 tonne
Crew van
1x lighting tower


GMC truck with 370HP Cummins motor
4 axle single steer
Total weight: 63,000 lbs

Deck Engine

Cummins KTA19P 600HP


Heavy duty twin rectangular tube
9.8m top drive stroke 5” hoist cylinder

Top Drive Rotary

0-89rpm 137,000 lbs torque, 60,000lbs pullback
0-337rpm 10,577 foot lbs

Lower Rotary Casing Table

Gross torque 1,400,000 lbs
Casing size 6" – 24"
Rotation speed 0-14rpm
Lower table can also be used as make & break out wrench and casing spinner
72,000lbs pullback (can be combined with top drive for greater capacity)
Stroke 12ft


Triple drive pump system
Sunstrand 90R100 pump
144 gallon capacity tank with cooling system


Air start
Spark arrestor
Emergency air shut down

Depth Capacity

1100m 4½” drill pipe - 1600m 27/8" drill pipe
Additional 65/8" and 10¾


6,000 lbs capacity 100ft/minute


Sullair two stage screw
1150cfm 350 psi
Clutch operated


2x C150 Duplex 12” x 6”
Mud pump Oilwell triplex 1500 psi
Mud pump Gaso 4 x 6” duplex 500 psi
2x 2” trash pumps
3” flexi drive pump
4” solids 2000 l/sec electric
100 bbl active tank with sand trap/agitator
20 bbl mixing tank and compartments
Derrick shale shaker 3 screens electric
10” Brandt desander
4x 5” desilter cones


Koomey 3K 4 station, 5 bottle
10” mud cross
6” mud cross
11" 3K Double
11" 3K Single
9" 2K Annular
71/16 3K Single
2 x 11” Annular 3K
71/16” Annular 3K
71/16” 5K double gate rams
Guiberson 1500 psi wireline stripper
HQ Kelly cock
31/2” stabbing valve
10” class 150 master valve
6” class 300 master valve


12 x 61/4"OD 27/8" ID 4" IF
6x 6” OD 27/8" ID 4" IF
11x 41/4" x 5m
55x 41/2"OD 27/8" IF x R1
30x 41/2"OD 27/8" IF x R1
36x 41/2"OD 31/2" IF x R2
Assortment of subs
Bit and stab reamers following sizes: 17½”, 12¼”, 8½”, 6”, 5¾” (redressing)

Levelling Jacks

Rear 2 x 5” x 36” stroke - Front 2 x 4” x 36” stroke


Mast mount 2 x 1000 watt light

Safety Equipment

2x portable ELSA
4x BA set
2x eye wash stations
5x 9kg fire extinguishers
2x derrick safety harness
Fall arrestor
Safety signage
2x gas detectors
Hazard ID board
Electrical fuse box
Sign in & out register
Current Health & Safety management programme

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