Geotech & Environmental

Geotech & Environmental

Our Geotech and environmental services have grown over the years to provide several different services. As client demands have changed, we have diversified to meet these needs.

Diamond Core Drilling

Diamond core drilling uses an annular diamond-impregnated drill bit. Once attached to the end of hollow drill rods, this cuts a tubular core of solid rock. Holes within the bit allow mud to be delivered to the cutting face. This provides three essential functions; lubrication, cooling, and removal of drill cuttings from the hole. 

Diamond drilling is much slower than reverse circulation (RC) drilling due to the hardness of the ground being drilled.

The principal product is drill core, and we aim to achieve prompt delivery of this product to the customer every time. Washingtons’ goal is to provide a reliable and first-rate service to the industry, making us leaders in drilling efficiency.

Our customers consist of various major exploration and mining companies, including L & M Coal seam and Gas, L & M Petroleum, Oceana Gold, Newmont Asia Pacific and other public-sector organizations.

Down hole surveys
By using inclination and deviation surveys with our FlexIT SmartTool camera, the location of the drill hole in 3D can be located extremely accurately. In addition to these surveys, we also can supply a down hole camera for video footage.

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