Underground water is a valuable resource you can tap into for an inexpensive and reliable water supply. It is also used in many of our operations to assist in the drilling process.

Water Bores

Whether it be for irrigation, livestock or domestic water supplies, a reliable source of water can get rid of the frustration and hardship that can come with drought and long, dry weather patterns. 

Bores provide an inexpensive and readily available water source, whatever the weather conditions.

We operate a range of drills, from modern table and top drive multipurpose rigs to percussion cable tools, backed with support vehicles and ancillary equipment to cover most phases of bore hole drilling.

Horizontal Drainage

Hillsides can be stabilized by installing “horizontal drains” in the slope to draw down the water table and reduce pore water pressures. Though they are called “horizontal drains,” the drains are usually installed at a slight upward angle, to help with drainage.

Test Pumping

An aquifer or pumping test refers to a test designed to estimate aquifer properties. 

Testing helps owners to work out the performance and sustainability of their own well(s), and to see the effects that their pumping may have on neighbouring wells or streams.

We have all the required equipment for a basic domestic bore right through to a high flow municipal supply and we can produce all the raw data for analysis.

Soak Pits

A soak pit is a covered chamber or rock-filled pit that allows water to slowly soak into the ground. The efficiency of a soak pit depends on the permeability of the surrounding ground and the size of the installed pit.

We can offer soak pit sizes from 450mm to 1500mm and up to 18m deep.

Offal Holes

Washingtons can drill 900mm to 1500mm Offal Holes to 15m and deeper depending on ground conditions.

This is a simple, cost effective way to manage disposal of carcasses on your farm or lifestyle block.

We can also provide concrete lids for them if required.


Geothermal energy is clean, green and renewable. 

There are two different types of wells: 

A production well, which is where the steam and water come out from deep below the earth’s surface.

A reinjection well, which is where the cooled geothermal fluid is put back into the ground after it has been used which a closed loop system.

Washingtons over the years has completed many geothermal wells for various clients.

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