Piling is an important early stage of the construction process.
We offer the following services.

Driven Piles

Piles can be installed as a single length or spliced for extremely deep piles. Driven piles do not create spoil, and since no curing time is required they can be installed in sequence, speeding up the overall production time.

Our Sumitomo piling crane lifts the pile into position and driven to the required depth via a tonne specified hammer, steel concrete or timber piles are readily available as per the design parameters of each project.

Franki Piles

This type of pile is a driven, cast-in-situ concrete displacement pile with an enlarged base in dry concrete and a round shaft more used for Industrial projects and infrastructural works.

Cast In-situ Piles

This type of pile dates back to the beginning of the last century but is still used in the construction industry for a variety of structures from bridges to high rise buildings.

An open hole is drilled into the natural ground using our Calweld or Sumitomo rigs, ready to install reinforcing and concrete. Common sizes range from 450mm to 1500mm.

Large Diameter Cased Piles

These are similar to cast in-situ piles other than casing is inserted while the drilling takes place, this allows to case off running gravels or sands. The casing can be left in the ground or removed while the concrete is placed in the pile.

Large Diameter Pre-Collars

We also specialise in large diameter Pre-Collars our Foremost drill rig is used to pre-collar the borehole to bedrock, the dual rotary drill is much more adept and efficient in drilling the overburden geology. We can drill 600mm to 80m.