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Washingtons International formed as an extension of services offered by our existing company Washingtons Drilling, and has a primary focus on exploration resources and water bores.

International water bores

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Washingtons International provided slim-hole coring services for Lihir Gold Limited. We completed this as part of the geothermal exploration programme at Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea. 

This programme was able to greatly improve the stratigraphic, thermal and fluid information for defining the resource. Washingtons were able to achieve this through a series of 60º continuous coring wells, meeting the targets for depth, deviation and core recovery. These wells allow for ongoing pressure, temperature and spinner testing following heat-up of the resource by using perforated liners in the production zones.

Washingtons International utilised its UDR KL1500 Slim-hole Rig for these operations. This rig is equipped with sufficient well control and pumping systems to be able to manage the issues that can be present when drilling and coring in temperatures up to 250 ºC. The wells cored for Lihir Gold Limited have had target depths of 1,500m, with extensive zones of total loss of circulation. Pullback loading at this depth indicates that, in conducive formations and with suitable drill-strings, the rig may be capable of coring to 1,800—2,000m. 

One of the advantages of the operation is its mobility and small environmental footprint. Because of this footprint, the Rig is able to access high altitude sites, and has the ability to operate in confined spaces. The standard Rig along with the ancillary equipment has a footprint of 40m x 20m and a site access footprint of 50m x 30m. These footprints have both been successfully reduced for working on specific sites. The Rig itself is mounted on an all-terrain crawler excavator base, while additional equipment is moved through the use of trucking or sledding
CCJV engaged Washingtons International in late 2010 for the drilling of two water bores for camps in the PNG LNG Project Upstream Infrastructure contract. This was to mobilise from our yard in Lae to Hides (Highland Province) some 800km distance.

Bore 1 was drilled 200mm to 620m and Bore 2 was drilled 200mm to 409m. Washingtons international used a modified UDR KL1500 rig for the drilling of both of these bores.
Following on from the contract works with CCJV, Washingtons International was appointed by Esso Highlands Ltd to continue drilling water bores in anticipation for the land rigs being imported by Exxon Mobil.

Washingtons purchased a Foremost DR610 from the USA specifically for the completion of these deep bores. We imported the rig into our Timaru workshop in New Zealand to be modified. 

Once in-country the rig drilled a series of six (6) water bores ranging from 400mm TD of 496m to our deepest bore in PNG of 300mm TDof 946m.


Washingtons International have a great asset in the experience of its personnel who, between them, have overseen a great variety of drilling and coring operations in areas as diverse as Antarctica, Asia, Oceania, the Subcontinent, the Middle East and West Africa.

Through this team, their training of National personnel, a comprehensive HSE safe operating procedures, our operations with Lihir Gold Limited, CCJV and Esso Highlands Ltd have been conducted in a safe and successful manner. 

Washingtons International have achieved a record of no lost-time injuries since start-up in August 2007.

Washingtons International Base Equipment List

  • Rig 12 – Foremost DR-610C
  • Rig 9 – UDR KL 1500
  • Sullair Compressor 1150-900cfm x 500-350psi combo
  • Ingersoll Rand Compressors x 3 1050cfm x 350 psi
  • WB12 Joy Booster 4500cfm x 1200psi
  • Hyundai 760-3 18,000kg Loader
  • Volvo BL71P3 Backhoe
  • 2004 MAN 6×6 Tilt Tray Truck
  • 2012 Toyota Troop Carrier
  • 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Hydraulic Platform w/ Ramps
  • Drill Floor Sub-base
  • Integral Doghouse
  • National C-150B Duplex Pump
  • OPI Triplex Pump
  • FMC Bean Pump
  • Gardner Denver Duplex Pump
  • 130Kva Cummins Generator
  • Brandt Junior Shale Shaker
  • DFE 4-Cone Desilter
  • Mud Tanks w / Agitators
  • Various Spares and Equipment