Washington's Exploration Rig 2
The Schramm T30 is designed to drill RC using 41/2" rods to run a 51/2" hammer.
It has 900/350 compressor and auxiliary compressor 1150/350 with an on board M41 booster, up to 50 degree angles, Dump Mast, Survey Winch.



Rated Capacity 410m R/C 4½” Remet rods or 600m HQ
Mounting Track CAT320 standard track
Engine Cummins NTA-855-C450 450HP @ 2100 RPM
Top Drive: 2 speed (rack back feature)
1300nm @ 650 rpm
750nm @ 1150 rpm
Air Compressor 900cfm @ 350psi
Booster Air Research 2700cfm @ 800psi
Cyclone Rig mounted 30-70 splitter
Hydraulically operated up/down/swing hinged
Air operated shut off doors
Mast Angles 50-90 degrees
With dump mast
Top mount survey winch
Hydraulic DIR Pins
Injection Pump 1500 psi @ 80L/min
Rods 300m R/C 4 ½” Remet
800m HQ
Support Vehicles MAN 8x8 truck (7m deck)
4 x 4 D/C Ute
1150 x 350 Air compressor
15 ton Komatsu Swamp Truck (6m deck)
1400 litre diesel trailer tank
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