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The KL1500 is a multi purpose Diamond Coring and RC rig, Range 3 drill pipe.
This rig is currently located onsite in Papua New Guinea

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Engine CAT 3406 380HP
Drive Head KL900 three speed pressure lubricated herringbone final drive
Speed range variable from 0-1400rpm
Maximum torque @ 118rpm – 15785 Nm
Floating spindle
High volume oil pump
Spindle drive thread 3.5’ IF RHM
Mast Fully welded lattice frame with dual cross bracing
Mast length, run range 3 csg
Drive head side sliding 457mm (18)
Dump Mast Heavy duty dump mast plate with 1.8m of mast dump, controlled via single hydraulic cylinder
Base Tracks 330B Caterpillar
7.3m x 2.5m fully welded structure fabricated from heavy channel section
Feed Variable with feed control in both directions, incorporating hold back function
Rapid pullback speed Sam/mm (1968 in/mm)
Maximum pull up force 20,175kg (45,000lb)
Haul Winch Lift capacity 18,150 kg (40,115 lb)
Hoisting speed (mid drum) 60 m/mm (2362 in/mm)
Rope to drum ratio 18:1
Rope specification 20mm 35W x 7 82070 non-spin “compak”
Spring applied, hydraulic release brake
Wireline Winch Lift capacity (full drum) 550kg (1210 lb)
Hoisting speed (mid drum) 4.4 m/see (175 in/see)
Rope to drum ratio 18:1
Rope specification 8mm 7 x 7G1570
Rope useable length: 2000m
Braking control with overcentre valve and spring applied brake
Water Pump 2 x FMC John Bean W1122BCD – 132 LPM
(3SUSGPM) ball valve pump
Maximum pressure 1000 psi (69 BAR)
Rod Handling 250kg winch with hydraulic clew ft tilt functions
Hydraulics Brueninghaus piston & triple vane pumps
Volvo axial piston motors
Commercial and Sun control valves
Tank capacity 567 litres (150 US gal)
Flow rate maximum 677 1PM (178 USGPM)
Max drilling circuit pressure 4500 psi (310 BAR)
Auxiliary circuit pressure 3000 psi (207 BAR)
Equipment Gas Work Sub Base Drill floor 8ft high
Sub Base hydraulic jacks
Mud tank with shale shaker 40 bbls cap
Mud tank with agitators 40 bbls cap
Cementing unit 2 x 25 bbls tank, hydraulic pack
Day tank, cat walk, v-door, pipe racks
BOP Equipment Bourne annular bag @ 3000psi
Shaffer 11” pipe and blind ram stack @ 3000 psi
Accumulator set up on cement unit
Mud Pumps National C150B duplex 8x12 @ 1200 psi
OPI 350D triplex 8x6 @ 2610psi
GD duplex 5x6 @ 550 psi
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