The Chicago Pneumatic 650 is designed for water bores 6" - 16" but has also been modified for horizontal & inclined drainage holes from 0-300m. This rig has a casing driver enabling it to drill and case simultaneously. The CP650 also has an R/C head and easily converts to horizontal holes.



Rated Capacity 55,000lbs
Mounting 6x4 Crane Carrier – 3208 CAT - 210HP
Capacity Pulldown 30,000lbs
Pullback 55,000 lbs
5½” heavy hoist rams
73ft/min rapid feed – 160 pitch chains
Top Drive Rotary 0-152rpm – 12,000lb torque.  Twin Dynex motors.  R/C head - 7m travel
Air Compressor GHH 825-350psi –twin screw
Power Unit 3406B DITA 420HP
Levelling Jacks Rear 2 x 5” x 36” stroke.   Front 1 x 5” x 48” stroke
Injection Pump Comet APS 71 ltr/min – 580 psi
Oil Injection Holte
Casing Driver 612 Banger 6” – 12”
Welder Millar Blue Star 6kva 200amp
Winch ½” 7,000 lbs extendable rod handling jib
Hole Capacity 6” – 16” 600m 4½” rods
Support Truck Nissan 6x4 Hiab
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