Washington's Rig 12
Dual Rotary 24" lower table 6" RC top drive. Both lower and top drive have 14m travel
Presently located onsite in Papua New Guinea


Full spec sheet in pdf here Shipping dimensions in pdf here

Rig Specifications

Cat C-12 rated 400HP @ 1800rpm
Top Rotary Drive
Speed range variable from 0-27rpm, Maximum torque @ 21000 ft lbs, Reduction motors @75,000ftlbs, Floating shock sub, 6” R/C swivel 3” inlet line, 6” ID spindle through head, Tilting head, Pullback 80,000lbs, Pulldown 80,000lbs, Head travel 13.4m
Lower Rotary Drive
Speed range variable 0-12 rpm, Maximum torque 208,330ft lbs, 6” – 24” csg, 8 x drive motors, Pullback 150,000lbs, Pulldown 150,000lbs, Head travel 13.4m
Mast Mono tube high tensile, Rack and pinion drive motors, Mast length 18.6m, run range 3 csg, Hydraulic dump foot
Tracks 325-C Caterpillar, Retractable slides 2.6m – 4.2m, 4 x Outrigger jacks
Maximum travel speed 40.2m/ min, Top drives
Haul Winch
25,000 lbs,   60m / min,   7/8”
Aux Winch
6,000lbs,   30m /min
Control Station
1 x Cab operate,   1 x remote controls
24V electric capacity 151Litres
Water/mist pump
1 x FMC John Bean W1122BCD – 132 LPM, Maximum pressure 1000 psi (69 BAR)
Air lines
3” delivery lines rated to 2000psi full whip socks on lines
Aux Mud pumps
National C150B duplex 7 ¼”x 12 @ 1200 psi, OPI 350D triplex 8x6 @ 2610psi, GD duplex 5x6 @ 550 psi
Make and Break
1 x Hydro jaw 4 ½” – 20” double jaws, Selection of make and break spanners
1 x 1150-900cfm x 500-350psi combo Sullair trailer mounted, 3 x 1050cfm x 350 psi IR trailer mounted
1 x WB12 4500cfm x 1200psi Cat 3406c engine
Hyundai 18000kg bucket and forks.
Back Hoe 4x4 Back Hoe with forks/bucket
1 x Toyota landcrusier ute 4 x 4, 1 x Toyota Dyna double cab 4x 4, 1 x Toyota troop carrier 4 x 4, 1 x MAN 6x6 tilt tray 16 ton winch
1 x 130KVA silenced, 1 x 20KVA silenced, 1x 300KVA silent
1 x 20ft container
Hydraulic crimp
1 x Crimp machine and hoses and fittings
1 x 20 ft container
Lighting tower
3 x trailer mount
Mud tank
1 x mixing with agitators
Cement tanks
2 x 25bbls bowls with agitators and stirrers
Day tanks
1 x 30,000L holding tank, 1 x 15,000 holding tank
2 x 15”,  2 x 12”,  2 x 10”,  2 x 8”,  3 x 6”
Bit selection
24” down to 5”
Tri cones
17 ½ to 3”
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