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Our Schramm T130XD is a heavy duty, heavy hoist, carrier mounted drill rig.  The T130XD utilizes the latest concepts in mast design and technology.  Telescoping construction permits long head travel and working height to allow use of Range III casing, yet short overall length in the transport position.  With a front overhang of less than 6 feet, the T130XD will gets us to the jobsite when access roads require a compact machine. Heavy pullback capacity makes this machine a perfect choice for shallow oil and gas, coal bed methane drainage and deep water well applications.


 Deck Engine Detroit Diesel DDC/MTU 12V-2000TA DDEC
760 bhp (567 kw) @ 1800 rpm
2 x 110 gallon (415 l) fuel tanks
Air or electric start available
 Cooling Three core, side by side heat exchanger with variable speed cooling fan
117°F (47°C) ambient design temperature
 Carrier CCC 8 x 4 carrier
Cummins engine rated 425 hp @ 2,100 rpm
44,000 lb (19,955 kg) front axle
21,500 lb (9,750 kg) pusher axle
52,000 lb (23,587 kg) full locking rear axle
117,500 lb (53,298 kg) GVWR
 Mast Sliding angle mast with operating angle adjustable to 45 degrees
Telescoping mast design permits long head travel and working height
Free-standing mast design
Hydraulically operated adjustable mast feet
69 ft 9 inches (21.25 m) overall height fully extended
42 ft 9 inches (13 m) overall height retracted for transport
 Top Head Drive High capacity, tilting top head
Heavy duty, single reduction gearbox with multiple disc valve type hydraulic motors
Infinitely variable rotation speed via HRC control
Maximum Torque: 8,884 ft-lbs (12,045 N-m)
Rotation Speed: 0-143 RPM
Maximum operating pressure: 3,000 psi (208 bar)
 Feed System 50 ft (15.24 m) head travel
130,000 lbf (578 kN) pullback
125 fpm (38.1 m/min) pullback speed
32,000 lbf (142 kN) pulldown
270 fpm (82.3 m/min) pulldown speed
 Drill Table Table Opening: 20 inches (508 mm) or 28 inches (711 mm) with table retracted
Hydraulically retractable slip box
 Drill Pipe & Casing Range III tubular capability
28 inch (711 mm) maximum diameter through the slip box
 Outriggers Single Front - 5 inch (127 mm) bore x 41 inch (1.04 m) stroke
Dual Rear - 5 inch (127 mm) bore x 41 inch (1.04 m) stroke
 Hydraulics Brueninghaus piston & triple vane pumps
Volvo axial piston motors
Commercial and Sun control valves
Tank capacity 567 litres (150 US gal)
Flow rate maximum 677 1PM (178 USGPM)
Max drilling circuit pressure 4500 psi (310 BAR)
Auxiliary circuit pressure 3000 psi (207 BAR)
 Winch Planetary design with spring applied hydraulic release brake
9,600 lbf (42.7 kN) bare drum line pull
150 fpm (46 m/min) bare drum line speed
 Hydraulics Open loop load sensing system
200 gallon (760 l) system capacity
7 micron filtration
 Water Injection 25 gpm (95 lpm) water pump
Electric foam pump
 Lighting & Electrical 24 volt DC electrical system
Mast - (4) 60 watt floodlights
Control Panel - (2) 60 watt gauge floodlights
Work - (3) 70 watt halogen
 Tool Lubricator Positive displacement, air operated piston type pump
Oil flow: 0 - 5.0 g/hr (0 – 19 l/hr)
 Mud Pump 2x Oilwell A600PT 600HP Triplex. 4000 PSI.
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