Underground water is a valuable resource you can tap into for an inexpensive and reliable water supply

With 97% of the world's fresh water underground, it is no wonder that a professionally constructed bore can provide access to reliable water supplies.

Whether it be for irrigation, livestock or domestic water supplies, a reliable source of water can eliminate the many frustrations and hardships normally associated with drought and prolonged dry weather. Bores provide an inexpensive and readily available water source, irrespective of weather conditions.

We operate an extensive range of drills, from modern table and top drive multipurpose rigs to percussion cable tools, backed with support vehicles and ancillary equipment to cover most phases of bore hole drilling.

Whether you are installing a new water system, repairing an existing system or updating your water system, select an established, well-known contractor. Washingtons Exploration Ltd has been in continuous service since 1962 we know the area, formations and likely depths.

What will your well cost?
Typically, wells are priced based on quantity of water required and depth of bore. After initial contact with Washingtons Exploration Ltd, we will advise of cost, expected well depth, size, placement of well, equipment, and more.

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