RC drilling is similar to air core drilling, in that the drill cuttings are returned to surface inside the rods. RC drilling is slower and costlier but achieves better penetration than air core drilling; it is cheaper than diamond coring and is thus preferred for most mineral exploration work.

Reverse circulation is achieved by blowing air down the rods, the differential pressure creating air lift of the water and cuttings up the inner tube which is inside each rod. It reaches the bell at the top of the hole, then moves through a sample hose which is attached to the top of the cyclone. The drill cuttings travel around the inside of the cyclone until they fall through an opening at the bottom and are collected in a sample bag.

We have a two track mounted Schramms a T660H capable of depths in excess of 400m and a 30m capable of 300m plus and angles from 50 degrees - 90 degrees including a Komatsu CD1 crawler unit with swamp tracks capable of carrying 6m 4½” Remit rods either with an auxiliary compressor (Atlas Copco XRV9 900cfm 350psi) or a 2000 litre diesel tank combined with 1000 litre water tank available.

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