Washingtons International is a leading provider of rotary / slim-hole operations, aimed at providing excellent base data for resource interpretation.
Washingtons International was formed as an extension of services offered by existing Washingtons Drilling, Coring and Pumping companies, with a primary focus on exploration of geothermal resources.
Washingtons International has been engaged in provision of slim-hole coring services for Lihir Gold Limited in their geothermal exploration programme at Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea. This programme has greatly enhanced the stratigraphic, thermal and fluid information for defining the resource through a series of 60º continuous coring wells, meeting the targets for depth, deviation and core recovery. These wells have been completed with perforated liners in the production zones, allowing for ongoing pressure, temperature and spinner testing following heat-up of the resource.
Washingtons International utilizes its UDR KL1500 Slim-hole Rig for these operations, equipped with sufficient well control and pumping systems to be able to manage the issues presented with drilling and coring in temperatures which have ranged up to 250 ºC. The wells cored for Lihir Gold Limited have had 1,500m target depths, with extensive zones of total loss of circulation. Pullback loading at this depth has indicated that, in conducive formations and with suitable drill-strings, the Rig may be capable of coring to 1,800—2,000m.
One of the advantages of the operation is its mobility and small environmental footprint. The Rig has accessed high altitude sites, and has operated in confined spaces. The standard Rig and ancillary connected equipment footprint is 40m x 20m, with a site access footprint of 50m x 30m, although both of these have been successfully reduced for specific sites. The Rig itself is mounted on an all-terrain crawler excavator base, and all ancillary equipment is moveable through use of trucking or sledding.
Washingtons International has a great asset in the experience of its personnel who, between them, have overseen a great variety of drilling and coring operations in localities as diverse as Antarctica, Asia, Oceania, the Subcontinent, the Middle East and West Africa. Through this team, and their training of National personnel, and comprehensive OHSE safe operating procedures, our operations with Lihir Gold Limited have been conducted in a safe and successful manner, with no LTI’s occurring since start-up in August, 2007.
Washingtons International works with the client to ensure that, through analysis and bridging, the OHSE management plan is in accordance with the client’s OHSE policies and procedures. Although Washingtons International is primarily focused on the drilling and coring operations, it has ready access to other service providers, allowing the comprehensiveness of the package to be defined by the client’s requirements. This includes access to well planning, testing and assessing services.

Washingtons International Base Equipment List

• UDR KL 1500 Rig mounted on all-terrain crawler base w/ HPU, Top Drive, Hoist, Wireline and Control Systems
• Hydraulic Platform w/ Ramps (for lifting Rig to operating height when utilizing well-control equipment)
• Drill Floor Sub-base
• Integral Doghouse
• National C-150B Duplex Pump (Used for rotary and quenching)
• OPI Triplex Pump (Used for coring)
• FMC Bean Pump (2x) (Used for coring and annular quenching)
• Gardner Denver Duplex Pump (Used for cementing)
• Yanmar / Regent Pump (Used for water supply)
• Deutz / Lee Howl Pump (Used for water supply)
• Brandt Junior Shale Shaker
• DFE 4-Cone Desilter
• Mud Tanks w / Agitators
• Day Tank • Cementing Unit w/ Agitators & HPU / Accumulator System for Well Control functioning
• Schaffer 45 Pipe Ram BOP
• Guiberson Pipe Ram BOP
• Hydril 11” Annular BOP
• Bourne 7” Annular BOP
• Guiberson Wireline Stripper BOP
• Onsite Workshop w/ ancillary equipment
• 4WD Fork Loader
• Support Vehicles
• Drill-strings
• Operational Tooling
• Safety Equipment (H2S Monitoring, BA Sets, Fire Extinguishers, Medical Kits etc)
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