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In the 54 years since the company was formed, Washingtons Exploration have developed a huge client base throughout the country. We offer a transparent working relationship with our clients from start to finish. Washingtons offer an extensive range of drillings services and equipment specialising in remote access/track mounted/heli portable or 8x8 machinery...
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Washingtons International Ltd is a leading provider of rotary / slim-hole operations, aimed at providing excellent base data for resource interpretation.The company was formed as an extension of services offered by existing Washingtons Exploration, coring and pumping companies, with a primary focus on exploration of geothermal resources. With offices and bases in Australia and Papua New Guinea...

Washingtons also hire specialised equipment such as high pressure air compressors and boosters.
We have a range of equipment that is either skid mounted or vehicle mounted - Call now for a quote.

 High Air Compressors

  • Atlas Copco XRVS455 - 950cfm x 350psi
  • Atlas Copco XRVS476 - 900cfm x 350pi
  • Atlas Copco XRVS606 - 1250cfm x 350psi
  • Atlas Copco XRV9 - 900cfm x350psi
  • Ingersoll Rand - 750cfm x 350psi
  • Ingersoll Rand - 1150cfm x 350psi
  • Sullair - 500cfm x 350psi


  • Air Research - 1800cfm x 750psi
  • Arial - 1800cfm x 800psi
  • Hurricane 41B - 1800cfm x 750psi
  • Hurricane M41 - 1800cfm x 870psi


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